Welcome to Pumpkins for the Planet!

A Trees for Tuition Company.

Every time we sell a pumpkin we plant a tree for Mother Earth 🎃 = 🌳


Pumpkin Facts

The Spooky Truth 👻

Many of our Halloween pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns end up in our trash bin and eventually the landfill after spooky season. In the landfill these pumpkins decompose and eventually emit a nasty greenhouse gas called methane. Methane is 20x more harmful to our environment than its better known friend CO2!  😱

So what can we do?

1: Use the guts! Feed them to pets, cook them for yourself, there's tons of recipes online! Who doesn't like toasty pumpkin seeds??
2: Compost your pumpkin after Halloween instead of tossing it in the trash! 
3: Shop with us duhhhh. We are planting trees for every pumpkin we sell helping to offset the negative environmental effects of our favorite spooky tradition! 

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Pro Pumpkin Carving Tips

After being carved pumpkins generally last 3-5 days (especially in this GA weather!) 

Uncarved Pumpkins can last up to 3 months! So hold off on carving your pumpkin until your ready to decorate. 

DON'T CUT OFF THE STEM!! Pumpkin stems provide much needed nutrients to the pumpkin and removing them can decrease their post-carved life. Instead cut a hole in the bottom of your pumpkin when you're ready to rip out its insides. 

Don't use real candles. Candles essentially cook your pumpkin from the inside out. Instead try flameless flickering candles or tea-lights. We have these available for free with every pumpkin purchase! 

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